Floppy Friday #6 – Through the Interface

In this week’s episode we take a look at Missile Command and Impossible Mission, and also talk about Out Run – another of my arcade faves from back in the day. A shout-out to both Matt Armitage and Marco Fiocco, who were the inspiration for the games played.

I’m very happy with how my system is shaping up: as mentioned in the video I now have a few hundred more floppies, some new old joysticks and a fixed video cable.

For next week’s episode – depending on when the replacement chips arrive and whether they actually help – I may have a second functioning floppy drive (the huge 1541). I still have a number of games (including TMNT, Clint 😉 that don’t load or play, for one reason or another, so a second functioning drive should help me understand what’s happening with those. We’ll see!

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