Project Soane, extended version.  The Bank of England began as a group of non-conformist merchants,, many of them Huguenots, who came up with a scheme to elbow their way in to the mainstream financial world of 17th century London.  It was a variation of a proposal that had been tried before, but on this occasion, the timing was right.

They proposed to raise large amounts of money for the government to fight a war with France, by selling shares in a joint stock company.  This company went on to become the premier financial institution mediating between government and private enterprise: the Bank of England. 

They began in a small way in rented premises belonging to the Worshipful Company of Grocers, set back from the main street in an enclosed courtyard.  I started to model this building a couple of years ago but didn’t get very far and it seemed like a manageable task to occupy me for a few days taking it to a shareable level.


The family I originally made for the…

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