More reminiscing. This is a continuation of a thread from mid October.

In 2013, one of our lead designers at GAJ was a Spanish architect called Ignacio.  He was responsible for my spiky geometry explorations.  His team were all Sketchup guys, but we often talked about how to capture the geometries he was exploring within a Revit environment.  One of these projects was a diagrid flowing over a “rolling hillside” form.

I learnt quite a bit more about divided surfaces and complex geometry.


Furniture.  These days I am often involved with bringing the Interior Design component of a project into Revit.  Usually my role is content development and designing “BIM processes” … schedules, data, specification codes.

I have quite an interesting collection of furniture content, acquired over the years.  One file is devoted to designs by Fritz Hansen.  The approach to generating the required geometry is quite varied. …

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