There are several areas of the Bank of England where the bottom story is treated as a rusticated base.  So far I have been “cheating these by adding a thin extrusion created by drawing out the pattern of stone blocks.  It’s all a bit tedious but that was the choice I made.  In practice these kinds of treatments often have splayed joints which emphasise the solidity.  I decided to experiment with a different approach.



Text from a LinkedIn post I created at the time ( a couple of weeks ago)

My day today. Working on the rusticated ground floor of Sampson’s Bank. Three different wall hosted families, moderately complex, with nested face-based void sweeps to get that chamfered stone block look. Dipping into my classical columns library also. A bit of attention to detail needed to get consistent alignments when turning those little corners. Classical details can be quite demanding, but also rewarding. Learnt a lot.



So far I have three different families using this approach.  None…

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