Let’s try to cobble these LinkedIn posts into a blog.

I’m enjoying a new process of several short posts over a weekend, as I work.  But it would be nice to keep a more permanent record going on the blog here.  It started on Thursday evening with the decision to take a crack at an Art Nouveau door by Victor Horta.

The interesting aspect of this is how to maintain some parametric resizing ability with these irregular shapes. Weekend preview.

I love the Art Nouveau elements! One of my favorite periods for both Art and Architecture! Yes I fell for Art Nouveau as a teenager in the 1960s. Part of the “Art is Rebellion” metaphor I guess. 🙄



Tricks of the trade in a BIM context. To stop these delicate quirks /flourishes in the corner of door frame and opening from distorting as you flex the door size… It’s possible to create reference planes while in “sketch mode” and to tie them to the edges with locked dimensions.



This part is quite tricky. I can keep the arc…

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