Floppy Friday #13

Welcome to Floppy Ferrari Friday! In this week’s episode we look at two classic video game experiences that allow you to drive a Ferrari.

The first is one I’ve been meaning to play for some time and mentioned back in Floppy Friday #6: the classic 1985 arcade game Out Run. It was fun to play the Commodore 64 version – and on a classic “breadbin” C64, no less – but I will say I found the conversion to be a little lacklustre. I certainly enjoyed the arcade version more.

The second is a much more “serious” experience, which is Ferrari Formula One. (It’s interesting – and perhaps logical – that the wikipedia page is only available in Italian… well, there is a much shorter French version, but certainly no English one.)

I mentioned the state of the C64 I’m using when I bought it. Here’s the photo from the auction site:

Recent breadbin C64 auction

I really had very low expectations about whether it would prove to work, but I’m so happy I went and ahead and bid on it: the 1541 floppy…

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