There has been a sudden burst of music videos on my YouTube channel.  I thought the extra time “home alone” generated by the pandemic would allow me to get my music going again, but somehow that didn’t really work out.  I’ve played a bit and I even posted a couple of songs early on, but mostly there was always something else grabbing my attention and creativity … until this week.

The proximate cause was starting to use my balcony.  Dubai is a desperately indoor kind of place mostly and I miss my garden in Africa.  There is so much fine sand in the air that if you don’t use a balcony regularly it’s just covered in dust.  Working full time it just never seemed worth the bother, but working from home has changed that.  Now I enjoy sitting outside for ten minutes and sweeping the floor has become welcome physical exercise.

The knock on effect of this has seen me taking the reorganization of my indoor living space one step further.  I converted my dining table into a…

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