Create marketing plans with Dynamo

Marketing plans, sometimes known as sales plans, are designed to assist buyers when buying off-the-plan. The creation of these plans is often a tedious task,  involving significant repetition and the possibility of human error. This tutorial describes how the process of creating marketing plans can be automated using Dynamo.


When designing an apartment complex, a developer will often ask the architect to produce a series of marketing plans. These views are for a separate sheet set and show a single apartment per sheet, usually at 1:50@A3. The purpose of the marketing plans is two-fold. Firstly, they are displayed in the project showroom to assist buyers when buying off-the-plan. Once sold, a small sticker is then placed on the sheet to indicate that it is no longer available (and no doubt to encourage fear-of-missing-out syndrome to other prospective buyers). Secondly, the drawing will form part of the sales contract if the building isn’t completed…

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