Enhancing exploration of sensor data inside Dasher

I added a “simple” feature to Project Dasher (although it’s not live just yet) the other day, that I think is worth sharing some information about – especially as from a UX perspective it’s completely hidden and amounts to an Easter egg.

For a particular project I’ve been searching through sensor data for time periods that tell an interesting story. In Dasher the simplest way to explore the data for one or more sensors (as you can add multiple sensors to a single chart by holding down the Shift key when you click on a sensor) is to use our Splash technology.

Splash is a visualization component that allows streamlined navigation of sensor data – it uses the “rollup” feature in out time-series back-end to access the appropriate level of detail as you zoom in and out of the data. Much as Google Maps brings in more fine-grained resolutions of imagery as you zoom into a location, Splash streams in data seamlessly as you navigate through data, leading to a highly…

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