Floppy Friday #17

In this week’s Floppy Friday – a short one, weighing in at under 10 minutes – we look at a couple of games: Bionic Commando and Zaga (sorry – the best article I could find on this game is in Italian).



I found a couple of old reviews online for today’s games.

The first – for Bionic Commando – is from Zzap! 64 magazine:

Bionic Commando review

The second – for Zaga – is from Anirog:

Zaga review

As mentioned in today’s episode – and a post from earlier in the week – I have another bundle of retro computing joy about to be delivered: it contains a ZX81, a ZX Spectrum+, an Amstrad CPC464 and another breadbin Commodore 64. Plus a bunch of peripherals and games. I can’t wait :-). Hopefully I’ll have something from it to share next week!

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