How can I make my work and ideas more accessible to students of architecture and building?  I really believe that “BIM sketching” is a powerful research strategy. Learning by doing. BIM outside the “day-job” box.  A tool for understanding, unshackled from the chains of commercial ROI.

This post from 2013 was in response to enquiries I receive from time to time, mostly from students, asking for access to my models.  This one made my Ronchamp Chapel model available in DWF format.



Every now an then I get asked to write an article or speak at a local event by our PR person. (we’ve had 4 or 5 of those over the years, all women, all really great)  

The link here seems to be dead now.  Generally speaking I find BIM articles quite boring and I can’t hack the usual “BIM expert” persona, so I always go for a provocative angle that subverts the mainstream view of BIM as a fairy-tale solution to commercial…

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