My “studying history with BIM” work goes back many years, but the pivotal moment in terms of public engagement was Project Soane.  That was also the thing that got me deeper into the Classical Orders and how to represent them in Revit, having made a start via discussions with Paul Aubin over the preceding year or so.  Paul and I tend to have “different but complimentary” approaches, which is great.

After that came Notre Dame, and some truly collaborative work, diving into the Gothic tradition which sits between the classicism of Late Antiquity and the classical revival from the Renaissance onwards.  That’s a huge sweep of European history, stretching well into the era of global trade and the industrial revolution which was already underway during John Soane’s lifetime.


Then came a period of parallel styles, mostly “revivals” of some kind, including very strident arguments pitting Classical against Gothic.  Polarisation of opinion is not altogether a new…

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