I’m building on an idea from 2006 near the beginning of my Revit journey.  I managed to open the original file, but decided to start again from scratch … hardly surprising really. 

Way back in the mid-1980s when I was writing textbooks for the ministry of Education in Zimbabwe, we use the construction of a simple rural house as a story line to connect the various exercises, theory lessons, skill training etc. that comprised the syllabus.

The illustrations were all hand drawn, and we never got past halfway.  20 years later I decided to use Revit to tell this story.  Another 15 years on I’m trying to follow through on that.

My first challenge is to generate a set of modular families to represent brickwork in the process of being built: erecting corners, stretching a line, running in, erecting more corners, placing frames, more running in, etc.



The building I am proposing to construct, “brick by brick” is based on a design that I came up with around 1990 for a 3…

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