Floppy Friday #20

Ready Player One! This week’s Floppy Friday once again doesn’t show a single floppy disk (sorry!), but focuses on the epic console showcased at the end of Ernest Cline’s retro-lovers’ Bible (not sorry ;-).

Atari 2600 Jr

In this episode we start by unboxing an Atari 2600 console (a “Jr.” version from 1986) bought via an online auction. At the beginning of the episode I had no expectation that we’d be able to tune my basement TV to view the signals output by the console, but by the end we’d played games from all four cartridges that came with the auction lot.

As this was very much an exploratory episode (as they all are, admittedly), please accept my apologies for any boring bits: I did my best to fast-forward some of the setup, but you can always scrub forward if it’s too slow going for you.



That’s it for this week’s Floppy Friday. I will be back again with some good old magnetic media next week, for sure!

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