Forge Viewer Data Visualization Extension now in public Beta

Last week Autodesk’s Developer Advocacy and Support team organised their second Forge Accelerator where developers could prototype Digital Twins using the Forge viewer’s Data Visualization Extension (codenamed Hyperion). The first of these Accelerators was back in December: while these virtual Accelerator events are currently held monthly, the Hyperion team needed some time to integrate the feedback from that event, so this was really only the second opportunity to focus on this new capability.

I was a little busy last week (mainly with attending and speaking at the AI in AEC 2021 conference, which I found very interesting), so I wasn’t able to engage very much with the Accelerator, other than by giving an impromptu briefing on Project Dasher for a handful of the attendees.

So I really can’t yet report on any progress made – I’m looking forward to catching the recordings of the end-of-week share-outs from the various teams – but I did want to let people know about some…

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