Marketing plans on sheets with Dynamo

In our previous tutorial, ‘Create marketing plans‘, we demonstrated how to create individual floor plans for each apartment automatically. This tutorial, which forms part 2 of our marketing plan workflow, illustrates how to automatically place those marketing plan views onto individual sheets and set the various title block properties.

The workflow

Once all floor plans have been created with the ‘Create marketing plans‘ graph, we can create the associated sheets. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Create sheets and place views on the sheet
  2. Set scale bar in title block
  3. Set north point rotation in title block 
  4. Place key plan family on sheets (Optional)
  5. Set key plan visibility
  6. Set sheet properties (Optional)

This process is then repeated for every apartment! 

The problem

In addition to the sheer amount of time required to undertake the process, two steps can be challenging if undertaken manually. The first is Step 3, which relates to…

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