All through this Covid thing I have been working on my apartment, the place where I now spend most of my time.  I live alone and own my apartment. Over the past year I have been gradually converting my living room into a multi-use workspace with a balance between the digital and physical/analogue worlds.

It’s super-hot here in Dubai, with exceptionally fine sand that blows around in the wind and gets everywhere.  As long as I was working all week, the effort of keeping my balcony clean, out outweighed the benefits of sitting outside in short bursts or for a bit longer after dark, or very early in the morning.  But now I’m here most of the time, those short burst become opportunities to sweep the floor (doubling as bodily exercise) or fiddle with my newly acquired potted plants.  In short, my balcony has switched over from mild embarrassment to major asset.



Another opportunity for supplementing my digital activities with something more physical has been my plan to create a…

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