Creating additional documentation for Space Analysis in Dynamo 2.11

I mentioned last week that Dynamo 2.11 allows package owners to add additional documentation for their nodes via the enhanced Documentation Browser. I decided to give it a try, and then decided to test the possibilities around automating the process.

Here’s the idea: the Space Analysis package comes with 15 different samples showing how to use its various nodes. These are all hidden away in the %appdata%DynamoDynamo [Core|Revit]2.xpackagesSpaceAnalysisextra folder, so lots of people don’t know they exist.

What if the Documentation Browser told you about the samples that use a particular node when you pull up its help?

Here’s a quick GIF showing you what I mean. Here we are bringing up additional help for the code that creates a SpaceLattice (the data structure at the core of Space Analysis, so it comes as no surprise that it’s used in every single sample ;-).

Additional SpaceAnalysis help

The beauty of the problem of creating the Markdown files that hold this documentation is that it’s actually…

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