Dynamo Core 2.11 (and Dynamo 2.10 and Generative Design in Revit 2022)

It’s that time of year, where our engineering teams release the primary annual updates to our products. AutoCAD 2022 was released a couple of weeks ago, and Revit 2022 dropped yesterday.

I unfortunately spend very little time in our products, these days, so I’ll leave others to extoll their various benefits. Aside from working with the Forge platform, the product (or perhaps feature-set) I spend the most time with is Dynamo. I’m always happy to see Sol’s public release announcements on the DynamoBIM blog, both for his unique writing style and the velocity of improvements the team is making to that technology. It’s getting hard to keep up!

The latest update is Dynamo 2.11, and it comes with some pretty juicy enhancements.

There are a number of UX-related changes – such as resizable Watch nodes (albeit the sizing is yet to be serialized to the .DYN file, apparently, something that should come in the future) – and I’m very pleased to see the performance improvements,…

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