I have been using BIM to explore history for several years now and have shared many of these explorations on this blog.  Enscape3d became a trusted partner in this venture about 4 years ago while I was immersed in Project Soane and it has been hugely beneficial ever since.

Up until recently my images were illuminated by daylight only.  The motivation for starting to insert Lighting Fixture families began in my day-job. We have been using an Enscape3D network license to generate executables that can deliver VR experiences to our clients. That has been a cost-effective way of sharing the benefits of real-time rendering across multiple teams. One of these clients was asking if this technique could be extended to help them to grasp the specialist lighting design in a more visceral setting.

I am not the design architect for this project, so I decided to conduct my first trials using Nicholas Hawksmoor’s church of St Anne’s Limehouse, a gem of the late English Baroque, built around…

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