Integrating Hyperion sprites into Dasher

As mentioned on Monday, I’ve been having lots of fun getting Hyperion to work inside Dasher, this week. All good preparation for the AU class I hope will be accepted for this year’s conference.

Right now I have sprites working, which is an important first step (and doesn’t actually involve any of the more gnarly, data-related issues I expect to have when w tackle surface shading/heatmaps). In this post we’re going to step through the main steps taken to make this happen, but also to describe some of the important changes that were needed to make it all work well.

Dasher’s codebase contains primarily TypeScript, which means that it’s ideal – for API discoverability and for increased code quality – to have type definitions for any new platform capabilities. Inside Dasher we had our own set of types for both the Forge viewer and THREE.js. When I asked about the Data Visualization types, I was pointed to this NPM package which is built from this Definitely Typed repo….

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