My AU 2021 class proposal on integrating Hyperion with Dasher

On Friday I went ahead and submitted my one and only class proposal for the all-digital Autodesk University 2021. Let’s hope it gets selected.

In case you’re interested, here’s the content of the proposal:

Title: Dasher and Hyperion: using Data Visualization in a Forge viewer application

Class ID: SD500020
Product(s): Forge
Topics: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Building Operations, Internet of Things (IoT), Software Development

Session Description

Autodesk Research started Project Dasher in 2009 to explore the possibilities around integrating IoT data with BIM. In 2016 it was ported to work on the Forge platform, to understand the feasibility and potential for such a client application to work in the browser. This work eventually inspired Project Hyperion, which has been made available to Forge Viewer developers via the Data Visualization Extension.

While Dasher inspired Hyperion, work was needed to take this new public API and use it to replicate Dasher features. This session…

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