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Hallelujah! The days of searching through endless emails are over. Let us introduce you to Newforma, an innovative company that prides itself on Project Information Management (PIM). Newforma is the undisputed pioneer of PIM, having coined the term in 2004 at the company’s inception.

Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, Newforma specializes in connecting architecture, engineering, construction and owner (AECO) industry professionals with information they need, regardless of the types of data they are using.

Newforma is praised for its search and email functionality and has over a 100 thousand users worldwide to prove it. After talking with Newforma, we discovered finding information and interoperability are really at the heart of Newforma and what draws its customer base.

We talked to Marge Hart, Vice President of Product Management at Newforma and Aaron Kivett, Director of Partnerships at Newforma, along with customer Bill Keen, Chief Innovation Officer at Clark Nexsen, an architecture and engineering firm, to see what PIM is all about.

Regarding the company’s PIM philosophy, Hart, who has been with the company for 15 years, said, “It’s interesting to note that Newforma coined the phrase PIM. It didn’t exist before Newforma came along. And PIM was purely based on discussions with customers around their needs.”

“From the beginning we found that people were struggling to manage the information that was on a project. It…

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