This is the second post in a series on Revit light fixtures and real-time rendering with Enscape3d. Once again the context is my determination to explore history with BIM, one of the main activities in a project that I call “the way we build “

Some years ago I started modelling Robie House, by FLW. I had been to Chicago and done the tour, taken photos, collected drawings on the Web. Wright liked to design everything including the light fittings. Too good an opportunity to miss.  But I’m going to start with some exterior views, one of them featuring the warm glow of interior lighting and both of them using the rapid, layered image processing that I described in the previous post on St Anne’s Limehouse.

Frank Lloyd Wright was a big fan of the word “organic” (not referring to vegetables)  Exactly how did he achieve a feeling of looseness and connection-to-nature in a project like this, which is very rectilinear and crisply detailed?  Part of it is in the materials for…

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