Revit Pure Live #011 – Decoding BIM For Owners with Olivier Pellerin

🔥ANNOUNCING🔥 Revit Pure Live #011 with Olivier Pellerin on Wednesday, May 5th at 3 PM EDT.

This will be a special BIM strategy edition show! Olivier is the founder of DETEO, a firm specializing in helping AECO companies succeed with BIM and digital technologies.

In this episode, Olivier will share his experience working on some of the most advanced digital transformation projects in Canada and how to successfully implant BIM from an owner and a management point of view. You will learn how to:

⭐ Define clear BIM strategic goals.
⭐ Embrace BIM champions and power-users within your business.
⭐ Avoid the most common mistakes when switching from CAD to BIM processes.
⭐ Stay away from expensive and unproductive BIM products and obsolete training services.

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