RevitCat: Rustic Railings in Revit

There has been a lot of talk over the years about just how hard the Revit stair and railing tools are to work with.

I decided to do an experiment – and see how long it took to build an actual stair and railing vs building the same thing in Revit.

I chose to build a rustic-style stair as it was outdoors in a wild garden setting.

Rustic Stair and Railing Hackathon

I thought I had better give Revit a fighting chance by not zeroing in on one of Revit’s biggest railing weaknesses:  “Baluster Spacing”

  • So I decided not to include any balusters at all.  

Technical Details

  • The stairs were made from hand-hewn sandstone, with irregular shapes and slightly differing tread widths;  riser heights were near enough the same for each step.  Stones were carved to exact size and placed without mortar – exactly how the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs et al worked their stone structures.
  • Railing was made from locally sourced Melaleuca timber – hand-cut on site:  Two posts and one ‘Top Rail’, all…

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