Floppy Friday #28

In this week’s episode we take a look at CAD – yes, 3D CAD! – on a Commodore home computer. I’ve talked in  the past about getting Home Designer running on a C128, but in this episode we look at a German-made application called Giga-CAD on the C64.


It took a little while for it to get going, but I was frankly very impressed with what it could do. Here’s the episode where we look at Giga-CAD (not yet the Plus version) followed by a quick bit of gaming.

As usual, I really didn’t research the software much (or at all) before using it, so do watch these two videos if you want to get a better feel for both Giga-CAD and the obviously-more-advanced Giga-CAD Plus.

Afterwards, to unwind back into 2D, we ended up playing The Real Ghostbusters (again, just a random floppy) for a bit. Here’s a review from Zzap! 64 issue 50:

The Real Ghostbusters review

See you next time!

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