Floppy Friday #30

In this week’s episode we dust off the Atari 2600 and play a few games on cartridge.

Today's Atari games

We kick things off with Stargate, which is a sequel to Defender, apparently, and then play Missile Command followed by Moon Patrol – games we saw (or talked about) on the C64 in episodes #6 and #26 respectively. After jumping over a few lunar craters, we head back down to Earth to jump hurdles in Summer Games and then juggle hacky sacks and ride downhill mountain bikes in California Games.



During the episode I mentioned “that line drawing algorithm” which was meant to refer to “Bresenham’s line algorithm”, in case you’re curious what I was talking about.

As I mentioned in this week’s episode, I’ve decided to aim at a round 64 for the Floppy Friday series. You may well be relieved to know that we’re nearly halfway there!

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