Integrating Hyperions planar heatmaps into Dasher

Having spent time recently looking at integrating sprites and volumetric room heatmaps into Dasher, today we move on to a capability that we didn’t have previously but has been enabled by Project Hyperion: planar heatmaps.

Planar heatmaps do just what you’d expect: they display a heatmap for 3D geometry in a plane. This means you can display a heatmap on the floor or ceiling of rooms, or place them on tables or work surfaces. They might – for instance – be used to indicate usage of an area, such as where people have touched a table in a workspace or spent time looking at a display in a retail store, assuming you have computer vision capabilities that can determine such things (an active area of research in our team, by the way). Overall a very helpful mechanism.

Hyperion takes care of a lot of the heavy work of displaying planar heatmaps: it slices through geometry to determine the plane used to display the heatmap and calculates how the 3D sensor points should contribute to…

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