Integrating Hyperions volumetric room heatmaps into Dasher Part 2

I was thinking back on last week’s post regarding the work needed to integrate Hyperion’s volumetric heatmaps into Dasher, and realised that – despite the relative length of the post – I’d really glossed over the process for integrating heatmaps and using them to display sensor data. So I’ve retroactively gone back and marked that post as “Part 1”, with this post being “Part 2”.

That’s not to say the process is especially complicated, but I felt it was a bit of a cop out to say “just follow the documentation”, as there was a little more to it (for us, anyway).

Here’s the basic process we now follow in Dasher to generate surface shading heatmaps using the Data Visualization Extension (i.e. Hyperion):

  1. Create a ModelStructureInfo for our model
    • This doesn’t result in the proper data being populated for us, however – as we’re using Navisworks data – hence the need for step 2
  2. Build a LevelRoomsMap based on our levels, rooms and devices
    • We saw the code for…

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