Its officially available: Data Visualization Extension for the Forge Viewer

The big news from this week (for me, anyway, aside from a very enjoyable Star Wars Day, yesterday) is that Project Hyperion has been released officially to the public as the Forge Viewer’s Data Visualization Extension. All you need to do is to use it is to start making use of the Forge Viewer from v7.42 (it is available in earlier versions, but this is the most complete version) and then take a look at the extensive online documentation.

Congratulations to the Hyperion team for this major milestone! The work that has been done by that team to engineer and document a supported set of client- and server-side components is really significant. I’ve so far been working with the client-side pieces – the ones that were inspired by Project Dasher, as I’m in the process of reintegrating them into the mothership – but have so far been really impressed with the usability of the API and the quality of the supporting documentation, samples and the impressive reference implementation. A…

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