Job postings in the Forge viewer team

It’s a holiday in most of Central Europe (including Switzerland), but I thought I’d quickly highlight a couple of interesting opportunities at Autodesk. I posted about one of these, a few weeks ago, but there’s another position that has come up, since then.

The Forge viewer team is looking not just for a Senior Product Owner (as mentioned before) but also a Principle Software Engineer. Both roles are SF-based, but I suspect this is probably more a question of timezone than anything, given the way the world is changing.

The successful applicants are likely to have involvement in the core viewer platform as well as Hyperion and its related projects (part of the Data Visualization Extension). These technologies are critical to Autodesk’s customers and partners, and give the opportunity to be involved in something that’s genuinely industry-changing. That’s rare, which makes this opportunity all the more precious.

Jobs posted

Oh, and needless to say that Autodesk is a fantastic place to…

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