Organizing Details in Revit | Applying Technology to Architecture

As companies develop their drafting view details inside Revit, the organization of the the details becomes more important. There are many different ways of organizing details inside Revit, but I like this process outlined in this blog article.


  1. It is easy to locate the desired detail within the Revit project file where it is placed.

2. It is easy to locate the desired detail within a detail resource file which contains all of the company’s details.

The key to this process is to organize the details based upon CSI division and to name the details with the division prefix.

Organizing the Details:

When you create a Drafting View in Revit, it will use the system family “Drafting View” with a type of “Detail”. The first thing to do is to have a variety of Drafting View types in the file, from which you can select.

Create a View Type

When a drafting view selected, pick the Edit Type button.

In the Type Properties dialog box,…

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