Applying heatmap power to single-sensor volumes

I’ve been heads-down on a side project to integrate a C++ library into Forge using Web Assembly (hopefully I’ll share more on this sometime soon). Thankfully while I’ve been busy on that, the Hyperion team has been beavering away on some changes to their core shader.

Last week I realised – now that we have controls to adjust the confidence and power settings in the shader – that rooms with just one sensor have a uniform shading style. This was a deliberate choice we made, back when we initially implemented the shader, as we felt it would help highlight the value for a particular room. You can see the effect below, where the left-hand rooms change when the power is increased:

Heatmap with uniform single-sensor shading

Now that we have control over parameters such as power and confidence, though, it made sense not to mandate this behaviour: if the power is set to around 2 – with a higher confidence for larger models – then the effect is similar to what we had before. It does make sense to allow the data…

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