Building Information Model (BIM) is next generation of smart building

Today it seems every production from appliances to cars are putting the word “smart” in front of their brands. Similarly, inside and outside the organization people have begun talking about smart buildings.

With the rising difficulty of technology forward tenants, smart buildings and using BIM as a facilities managing tool become key differentiators to in-demand facilities. We see a mere future where tenants see smart buildings as a necessary amenity, similar to high speed internet access.

Buildings incorporate with BIM for FM like never before to detect and process information in real-time and use it to harmonize human decision-making. This data must then be easily accessed through a mobile device or tablet.

The designing and constructing process of a building is inherently complex and the AEC industry is quick neither to change nor adopt new technology.

Thus, actually producing a smart building amongst the challenges the industry already faces may sound…

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