DevDays 2021, AutoCAD Web APIs and Forge Coffee Breaks

The material for this year’s online Autodesk DevDays is now live on YouTube. These sessions were held back in March, but now that the various products discussed have been released publicly, the information has been made available for everyone (i.e. not only covered by the Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by Autodesk Developer Network members, the famously palindromic ADN NDA).

Here’s the full playlist, if you want to watch it here:

Here are links to the individual sessions:

One interesting tidbit from the keynote session is a mention of exposing APIs for AutoCAD Web. Here’s the relevant segment, if you want to watch it for yourself. Jim provides a link to survey being run by the AutoCAD User Research team. I’m not sure if they’re still scanning responses, but the survey is live at the time of writing: if you’re interested in seeing LISP, .NET, etc. running…

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