Enjoying an early summer quiet period? Attend next weeks Forge Accelerator!

Summer has finally started kicking in, here in Switzerland, which is wonderful. I saw this field of poppies, yesterday, which was simply stunning: the majority of the field was purple with a small border of red ones near the edges (although this doesn’t really come across in the photo).

Purple poppies

I hadn’t seen these poppies before, so did 30 seconds of Internet research to find out they were Papaver somniferum, commonly called the opium poppy. (It seems more likely that the field is being used for edible poppyseeds than being a hotbed of Swiss opium production, though.)

Anyway, as the summer sets in, hopefully people will have a little more time to explore new places and to learn new skills. One suggestion, if you happen to be free next week, would be to join the virtual Forge Accelerator (codenamed Thuvaraiyam Pathi). It runs from Monday to Friday (June 21-25), and is once again a great way to kickstart your Forge development. Most companies that join these events come away with working…

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