Enrollment is open for Dynamo Dojo

I’m excited to announce that my updated Dynamo course, Dynamo Dojo, is now open for enrollment. The goal of Dynamo Dojo is to transform you from a complete beginner to Dynamo ninja in 5 weeks.

Make Revit Work for You

If you’ve ever been stuck late at work because you needed to grind through some tedious tasks for a deadline, this course is for you. If you’ve ever said “I wish Revit would do this better / faster”, this course is for you. If you’ve ever been frustrated Revit didn’t have a tool that did exactly what you needed, this course is for you. If you ever thought “I can’t learn to program”, this course is definitely for you.

Dynamo is a great tool for maximizing the power of Revit. It lets you easily create time-saving Revit tools without writing a line of code. But learning Dynamo can be difficult. There are hundreds of nodes and it’s difficult to know which node you should use in different situations.

When I started learning Dynamo, there weren’t many resources available….

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