Family Types Dialog Column Widths in Revit

Does anyone find trying to control the column width in the Family Types dialog box annoying?

The “Lock” column in particular, has been driving me mad for the last 16 years!

About 7 or 8 years ago (?), Autodesk made a partial improvement to that dialog box: 

  • Revit remembers the size of the dialog box when you open or close the dialog – previous to that it always reset to a small default size & layout.  
  • However, it still behaves in an unpredictable way, which is intensely irritating.

I just discovered a trick that helps to get around the problem – so I spent a while analysing exactly what is going on:

Family Types Dialog Box Size Behaviour

  • When you close the Family Types dialog, and subsequently reopen it, Revit remembers the overall size and location of the dialog box.


  • This also happens between sessions:  When you close Revit, the next time you start Revit, it remembers the size and location of the dialog box.

Family Types Dialog Column Widths Behaviour

If you adjust the column widths…

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