I recently uploaded a couple of new songs to YouTube.

I think most of us, by now, have a bit of a love-hate relationship with digital media.  I abandoned Facebook and Twitter long ago for various reasons, but YouTube remains an important medium.  I have disabled the history and I don’t follow “suggestions”.  I just have a slowly growing list of channels that I check in on.  Mostly I like to listen to intelligent long-form discussions.  I guess I’m addicted to multi-tasking because most of the time this is a background activity while I’m beavering away in Revit.



That’s a song we used to do in the 70s when I had a pub band in Sheffield.  We were called
“Jump” which is the name of a mining village in South Yorkshire.  I use the past tense because coal mining is no longer a thing.  There was a bus called the “Jump Circular” that I used to see in Barnsley bus station as a teenager.  That was going to be the title of our first LP.  Those were the days of large…

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