Revit Pure Live #016 – Mastering Wood Structure

Eli Gould will be joining the next episode of Revit Pure Live to talk about wood structure in Revit!

Eli holds a dual major in Architecture and forestry from Yale. He is the US representative for Quebec Wood Export Bureau. In the last year, Revit Pure collaborated with Eli and his team to create high-quality wood content for Revit.

We will talk about:

🌲 Current trends in wood products.
🌲 How wood can help fight climate change.
🌲 Problems and obstacles between wood and BIM.
🌲 The Offsite Wood plugin for Revit.
🌲 Demonstrating high-quality Revit wood families: CLT, GLT, open-web trusts.
🌲 The timber curtain wall family for Revit.

Revit Pure Live is a free YouTube show where we invite the world’s greatest BIM masters to help you become a better Revit user. The show will be on Wednesday, June 3rd at 3…

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