Revit Pure Live #017 – The Art of Teaching Revit

The next episode of Revit Pure Live will be with none other than the godfather of Revit teachers: Jeffrey A. Pinheiro, AIA aka the Revit Kid.

This is a meta-episode where we will talk about what it means to teach Revit. We’ll discuss:

– Why Jeff started teaching Revit.
– Making the switch from architecture to a construction company.
– His most popular tutorial.
– The future of BIM and AEC.
– Creating a community around BIM expertise
– What is BIM After Dark?
– Tips to produce great Revit learning content.

And much more!

Revit Pure Live is a free weekly event on YouTube where we invite the world’s greatest BIM masters so they can share their expertise with you.

The show is on Wednesday, June 16th at 3 PM EDT.

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