The light at the end of the smart bridge

This weekend I had a very strange task to perform: I had to book travel for work. Remembering how our corporate travel system worked was just one hurdle to cross – beyond that I had to deal with getting the appropriate management and travel department approvals, along with the fact I’ve booked a separate ticket for my 16-year old son to come along, and wanted to be 100% sure that we’re on the same flight. Was life really this complicated pre-pandemic? I’m sure I’ll get used to it all again, before long.

The reason I’m travelling is pretty exciting, at least. After various delays – mostly pandemic-related, but also due to issues such as crumbling canal walls – the MX3D smart bridge is finally being installed over the canal in Amsterdam’s red-light district next week. As the “local” member of the Autodesk project team, I’ve volunteered to head up to the Netherlands and do what I can to help out. Which is likely to mostly mean taking photos and capturing videos,…

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