An update from Amsterdam

It’s now Thursday night, and tomorrow morning we’ll be heading home from Amsterdam. As with any project, some things haven’t gone quite as smoothly as they might, but more on that in a bit.

My son and I proudly donned our MX3D T-shirts for this morning’s pic:

Fanboys at the bridge

Here’s another shot from the bridge itself, looking down the canal.

View along the canal

Now for some information about the main issue currently impacting the project. Here’s a video I took while on the bridge, that shows a quick walkover and the canal views.

As you can see, there’s an issue with the clearance between the bridge and the pavement, which seems to have come from a lack of clarity around recent changes to the canal walls.

Accessibility issue

Addressing this has become the main focus of the bridge team for the last few days: getting the bridge safe and functional for next week’s grand opening is clearly the highest current priority. It’s still important to get the sensors up and running and have the system collecting data, but that’s…

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