Autodesk Tandem is now officially available

These are busy times in the world of digital twins at Autodesk!

I’m thrilled to see the news that Autodesk Tandem has now officially launched. Head on over to the new landing page,, to find out more, or check out Bob Bray’s recent article.

New Tandem landing page

A few people have either been congratulating me or asking how this relates to Project Dasher, so I think it’s worth clarifying the situation.

Tandem is not Dasher, although I’d love to think that the Dasher story at least in some way influenced or inspired Tandem’s trajectory. Tandem solves a fundamental industry problem that we totally ignored (or more accurately chose not to worry about) when building Dasher: how to take BIM from the earlier stages of the building lifecycle through to operations without recreating costly, as-built models. The Dasher team’s answer to this question has typically been “recreate a costly, as-built model!”, which just isn’t scalable (or even the right answer outside of Research).

So Tandem…

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