Come and work for Autodesk Research in Pier 9!

San Francisco’s Pier 9 has got to one of the coolest Autodesk office locations to work from. You have access to all kind of cool technology, and it’s also full of pretty cool people, too.

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Exterior of the Autodesk Technology Center in San Francisco.

As a reminder, here’s an old post that shows the office, and here’s another that introduces the work we did there to prototype technology for the MX3D bridge.

Working in the CNC Machine Shop at the Autodesk San Francisco Technology Center.

If this is the kind of work environment that gets you excited, then you may be even more excited to hear that our team is hiring for Senior Web Developer (someone with full stack development skills). Such a cool job in such a great location doesn’t come up very often, so if you’re interested in joining Research Engineering and working on interesting, cutting-edge and – hopefully! – industry-changing projects, then please do apply today.

If this specific position isn’t interesting to you, there are lots of other positions open at Autodesk, these days, many of which are not location-dependent. Be sure to take a look at our job…

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