I recently uploaded a video to YouTube, based on my Luzern studies.


It started with a painting, acrylic on canvas.  I am trying to find balance in my life which for many years has leaned heavily towards the digital sphere.  I love BIM and fully embrace digital tools, but sitting staring at a screen all day has its downside.  Freehand sketching and painting on stretched canvas are physical activities that I have always enjoyed.  So I’m trying to integrate them into my work.

That work focuses on “the way we build”.  This phrase captures an obsession that began in my late teens and has expanded and diversified for more than 50 years.  During my twenties it led me to work in the building trades, primarily as a bricklayer.  I became fascinated with the different materials and methods that had evolved in different times and places.  Slate roofs with wooden gutters in Sheffield.  Clay pantiles with cast iron gutters in rural…

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