In  2013 I did a series of blog posts as part of Zach Kron’s “Parametric Pumpkin” competition.  One of the themes was the work of M.C Escher, including his creation of “impossible worlds”. 

Seven years later I have my feet more firmly planted in reality, “painting” pictures of the city of Luzern in a broad brush way.  I’m calling these “possible worlds” because I have thrown together snapshots from different time periods in a fairly loose way.  It would be possible to set up phasing in Revit and to try to piece together a story of development, as I did some months ago for the Bank of England.  But I really don’t want to invest the effort right now.  Plus, I don’t really have enough source material to do it justice.

I started with St Leodegar.  First a painting, then some Revit work, including the immediate surroundings. Last weekend I extended this work all the way across the lake to the St Gotthard pass from Italy, and in the other direction towards…

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