A new face in the Autodesk Tandem team

My friend and colleague Hali Larsen has joined the Autodesk Tandem team as a Product Manager focused on connected workflows and sustainability. This is huge news, for lots of reasons: for several years Hali played an absolutely instrumental role in Project Dasher – in many ways she was our de facto PM, but also worked through many gnarly issues related to bespoke configuration for various Dasher pilot projects. Hali has a wealth of experience working with customers in this space, and also knows where most of Dasher’s skeletons are buried, so she is the right person to take on this role, in my opinion. I have no doubt that Tandem – as a product and a platform – will benefit hugely from Hali’s involvement.

Hali joins Tandem

While I would have loved to continue working with Hali on Dasher, her taking this next step is exactly the right thing to have happen for our project, too. We’ll be continuing to research the use of Forge – and, indeed Tandem – to develop connected digital twins,…

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