Dynamo 2.12, MaRS v3 and the future of Space Analysis

The latest update to Dynamo Core (which for now you can use via Dynamo Sandbox) has some really interesting enhancements, both in terms of usability and performance. Check out Sol Amour’s two blog posts that introduce Dynamo Core 2.12.

As it had been a while since I’d tried the MaRS graph in a new drop of Dynamo, I went ahead and loaded it.

Loading V2 of the MaRS graph in Dynampo Sandbox 2.12

I immediately noticed a couple of things: it was referencing an old, now-deprecated version of the Solar Analysis package, so I updated to the latest & greatest version on my system and then reloaded the graph to allow me to opt into a reference update.

I was also informed that there was still a dependency on IronPython 2 for certain Python nodes. This was a bit of a surprise, because I thought I’d worked through and migrated each of these (I was actually loading a partially migrated version of the graph, not the V2 graph that was posted publicly). It turns out I’d missed a few. The fact there was a warning message on load was really…

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